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. . . we enjoy sharing the

Live Music Experience ~ gw



our friends

Concept Insurance Agency LLC

~ Makeover & BlackCrystal.Tv in progreess ~

Black Crystal Group LLC

Our desire, to inspire and leverage selected artists. Then share them with our cafe and online audience to enjoy the experience of Live Intimate Showcase.

We're partnering with experienced technical assistants allowing us to create quality intimate video with live broadcast in 2015.

In the works,

* We're building a dedicated staff.

* Conversion of the Cafe to a live recording studio with the tools to do it right.

* We've acquired unique artist accommodations for overnight and rehearsal leverage.

* The song and voice are the most powerful pieces of the music puzzle and we'll be offering leverage for vocalists and writers. 

Music is good for hearts and minds! gw



Kelley McRae
Ken Gaines

Kiana June Weber

Krista Detor

Kylee Phillips
Liz Larin

Liz Longley

Matt Jones

& Misty Lyn Bergeron

Michelle Held

Pierce Pettis

Rick DellaRatta

Rob Lutes & Rob MacDonald

Seth Glier

Susan Calloway

The Understorey

Tracy Kash Thomas 

Wayward Roots